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Using Exponent on Microsoft's Vista operating system

We have tested Exponent (Tee32.exe) V4.0.6.0 on Windows Vista and it appears that the software will work with the operating system.

We did however encounter some problems with versions and earlier as detailed below:

Firstly the UAC (User Account Control) needs to be disabled to install and initially configure the software. After this you can re-enable the UAC again although you will not be able to alter software configuration changes that are global to the system whilst this is enabled. (This is mainly settings from the File > Preferences > Global menu)

Secondly Vista does not support the Winhelp32 file format. We are in the process of updating all our help files to the .chm format and some of them are now supplied with Exponent and later although you may find some are still in progress. These old files can however still be accessed by downloading the old winhelp32 program from Microsoft. You will need to search the Microsoft web site to find this download.

In version all but three of the help files are .chm format. As these are minor help files provide by third parties they may never be updated to .chm. Also, Exponent is launched at the end of the setup program to ensure it has full administrator rights even when the UAC is switched on and all folders and registry keys are pre-created at that time to ensure the correct permissions can be assigned so that standard user can use the software on subsequent log-ins.

If you do experience any other problems using our software on Microsoft Windows Vista please e-mail us and we will do our best to resolve any issues as they arise.

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