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Food applications Pharmaceutical applications Adhesive applications Cosmetic applications Powder flow analysis Volume measurement

Textureis Trending

Back in 2014, Elizabeth Sloan at Sloan Trends Inc postulated that ‘Texture’ was the next megatrend in food and beverage product development.

An article in Food Product Design magazine stated that “Foods and beverages without texture are boring, especially to consumers who are becoming more adventuresome and expanding their horizons in the culinary world.

"Consumers are taking time to not only enjoy their meals, but to savour each and every bite that a particular product has to offer, focusing on the flavours and textures alike.

"A potato chip without the crunch, a soggy cracker or a yogurt that’s slippery all miss the mark, as products are often defined by their textural properties. As consumers become more food savvy, expectations increase.”

Texture can be described as the next market differentiator, in part, because foodies are expressing interest in the textural qualities of products. These people savour their foods and snacks and strive to experience all that a food has to offer.

Texture also drives flavour and implies freshness. Besides inferring that a product is better-for-you because it is minimally processed, texture verifies product quality.

Product designers are striving to create products with the desired creaminess or smoothness or to optimise the bite of crispy, crunchy foods. In dairy, texture is particularly crucial—according to Innova Insight Market Database North America, from 2010 to 2013, 25 percent of new dairy products used texture claims as a point of difference.

Texture development is not unlike formulation of other attributes – developers must look at the whole picture. A key element is understanding the manufacturing process and then formulating to specific process parameters to achieve the desired textural characteristics. Product designers not only must choose the right ingredients, but use them properly.

For a closer look at the role of texture in food and beverage products, as well as how to formulate with texture in mind, you might be interested to download the free Special Report, Texture: Science & Innovation from Food Product Design’s FoodTech Toolbox.

Exciting new food textures will be among the emerging trends over the next three years, together with more "playful" products for adults and more widespread use of edible packaging, according to a leading food futurologist.

To read more of this article in Food Manufacture, click here...

Millennial fusion and provenance among the texture trends to follow, claims Ingredion.

The leading global provider of ingredient solutions has published the global texture and taste trends that it claims are shaping the future of product development through the company’s Idea Labs Culinology group.

The trends identified stem from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia and capture the emerging food texture trends in each region.

Ingredion initiated the research project to identify the texture and taste trends from around the world in order to provide new ideas and fresh concepts to food and beverage manufacturers aiming to appeal to evolving demographics. Each of the company’s regional culinologists researched and shared traditional texture trends and how they have shaped the eating culture in each region.

To read more, click here...

Here at Stable Micro Systems, we’ve also noted how the world is becoming more sophisticated and hungry for new food textural experiences.

You might like to request a copy of our ‘It’s time to perform textural magic – an introduction to Culinology, Texture and Molecular Gastronomy’ article: click here...

Or, if you are specifically interested in textural developments in the bakery industry, do request a copy of ‘Revealing the new textural experiences in hybrid bakery products – how creativity and tradition combine to produce novel delicacies’: click here...

Are you new to Texture Analysis

Or looking to expand your product testing possibilities?

We can help! Why nor request an Application Overview on the topic of your choice?

Application Overviews give a detailed summary of all of the methods and fixtures that are currently in use in a particular field of testing. They include testing points to consider and a comprehensive list of academic references.

There are currently 15 titles in the series including such varied subjects as: Sauces; Petfoods; Tablets, Granules and Pellets; Hair and Hair Products; and many more.

To request an industry specific Product Application Overview visit our Posters and Articles Resource Request page and select which one(s) you would like us to send to you.


Keep reading the Texture Analysis Professionals blog

The Texture Analysis Professionals blog keeps you up to date with current texture analysis developments across industry and academia.

Keep up with the latest news, and find out how Stable Micro Systems helps you take your new product from the earliest stages to the finished item.

Follow the blog regularly to keep abreast of the latest news in this fast-moving world.

Among recent topics are:

Measuring Powder Flow – Pharmaceutical Powders

Keeping Breakfast Cereals Crispy

Measuring Powder Flow – Drinking Powders, Sugars and Sweeteners

Checking Texture of Savoury Snacks when fat and salt are reduced...

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This Month's Featured Post

Keeping Breakfast Cereals Crispy

Snacking is now an integral part of North American and British culture and is becoming an increasingly apparent trend in many other international markets.

In Germany, where cereals face stiff competition from traditional breakfast foods, the emphasis is shifting towards the promotion of cereals as a quick pick-me-up, as meals become lighter and less stodgy. In the Mediterranean countries of Spain, Italy and France, where a late evening meal is the cultural norm, cereals are being promoted as a substantial after-school snack for children.

In this competitive market, companies are battling for market share and constantly looking at new product introductions and improvements to traditional favourites.

Find out how texture analysis measures crispness and the likelyfreshness and 'bowl life' of a breakfast cereal.


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Texture Analysis in Action

Texture Analysis Properties











Texture Analysis Tips and Tricks

Exponent software is one of the reasons why our Texture Analysers are the best in the industry.

Exponent is a powerful tool that helps you analyse your testing data in ways that no other software product for texture analysers can.

It is packed with useful functionality that many users may miss.

Click here for a few tips – kindly compiled by our North American distributor Texture Technologies – that can help you make your experience with Exponent more useful and productive:

Due to its popularity of this item, Texture Technologies have also recently compiled another list of tricks and tips to help you up your productivity while working within Exponent.

We hope that you will find these posts useful.


Emerging Technologies in Texture Analysis article

Last month we were invited to present at Food Ingredients Europe in Paris.

Naturally we chose to discuss the latest technologies that our texture analyser users are employing in their research and product development and how they are able to provide the leading analytical edge in an ever competitive world.

Tools such as the Acoustic Envelope Detector for the capture of sound during product testing and the Video Capture & Synchronisation System are becoming commonplace in laboratories where a new dimension in texture analysis can be obtained and action replayed over and over again.

Measuring your product's sound signature is key particularly when that snap, crackle or pop is the well-known marketable feature of your product. Playing your product tests back frame by frame alongside your force data will give the best understanding of how your product breaks down, while giving you the chance to share your force and visual data with your colleagues at a later date.

If texture is what your product is all about then you should certainly have these tools in your box.

Click here to request a copy of the article ‘Emerging Technologies in Texture Analysis’...


User News invites you to take part

In 2016, we would love to hear from you if you have any texture analysis news that might be of interest to our many thousands of users.

Whether it is an unusual product or a new approach to a procedure you have been carrying out for many years, why not get in touch and let us know what you are testing!

Please email us with your ideas.

Product testing videos

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Whether your speciality is adhesives, baked products, cosmetics, fruit and vegetables, meat, packaging or powders, we are confident that we can help you achieve better products.


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User News invites you to take partUser News invites you to take part

Stable Micro Systems' 2016 Advanced Training Course is now open for booking!

The dates for 2016 are as follows:

Tuesday 7th – Thursday 9th June 2016

This special course will take place at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel in Guildford, Surrey.

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Our one day User Training Courses are designed for users wishing to obtain the maximum benefit from our texture analysis equipment and software.

The Training Course dates for 2016 are as follows:

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Further course dates may be released according to demand and any such dates will appear in future newsletters – or check the Training page on our website.

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Our representatives will be available at each of these events.
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The Texture Experts from Stable Micro Systems will be attending the following events over the next few months:

• 2nd Food Structure and Functionality Forum Symposium external link
28 February – 2 March 2016
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• PBP World Meeting (Research Pharm) external link
4 – 7 April 2016
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• InCosmetics external link
12 – 14 April 2016
Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

• 15th ICC Cereal and Bread Congress external link
17 – 21 April 2016
Istanbul, Turkey

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