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In this Edition: | Skincare products testing | Pet food testing | Improving frozen foods | Cheese for pizzas |
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Food applications Pharmaceutical applications Adhesive applications Cosmetic applications Powder flow analysis Volume measurement

Skincare products testing

As a person ages, facial wrinkles and folds develop in response to the loss of facial fat and the decrease of the skin elasticity.

Physicians have over the years tried various methods and materials to combat the facial volume loss of the soft tissue of the face.

Scientists and physicians are constantly searching for the ideal dermal filler. This ideal filler should be safe and effective, biocompatible, non-immunogenic, easy to distribute and store, and should require no allergy testing. Moreover, it should be low cost, have an acceptable persistency and be easy to remove if necessary.

Scientists at Miba Medical Inc. have used their TA.XTplus Texture Analyser in their recently filed patent entitled 'Injectable Filler' to investigate the force applied to expel from a syringe and needle as a function of the homogeneity of their new formulation.

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Among the areas featured in the Materials and Products version of our Applications Directory are Cosmetics and Personal Care Products.

Those readers engaged in research in these activities may be interested in an article entitled ‘Using texture analysis to quantify the efficacy of skin care products’ by Stable Micro Systems’ Jo Smewing, now available as a reprint.

Addressing such issues as skin tightening and the use of the texture analyser for indentometric testing, this feature is available free of charge on request.

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Pets & people go more gourmet

Four out of five pet owners consider their pet a member of the family and 79% say the quality of their pet’s food is as important as their own.

So it’s not surprising that the premium sector accounts for 40% of the $26 billion US pet food market (whilst super-premium accounted for 10%). Globally the pet care products market is worth almost $100 billion.

Adding excitement to a pet’s diet via flavours, gravies, look-a-like human recipes, daypart foods (e.g. breakfast food/eggs or appetisers) is a top driver of the best-selling new pet foods. Pet foods are also touting more exotic meats (e.g. wild game, boar, venison, pheasant) and fillets of fish.

The majority of “pet parents” are looking for “all natural” and “real meat” whilst eliminating grains, gluten, hormones/antibiotics and artificial colours are other significant trends along with the requirement for “human grade” and “indoor" formulations are fast-growing market niches.

To read our blog post on this topic, please click here...

Other recent news in the area of Pet food testing:

Pet chew products include those that are relatively hard and friable and those that are highly dense with more elastic or rubbery properties.

The hard and friable pet chew products crumble or break down relatively quickly and are more easily digested, but have a relatively short occupancy time in the pet's mouth. The highly dense and elastic pet chew products are more difficult to chew, harder to digest, and have more extended occupancy time in the pet's mouth.

Another type of pet chew product includes those specially designed to address oral care problems. Many of these products are based on hard textures that require repeated chewing for efficacy. While such products may offer teeth cleaning functions, in many cases they pose risks to dogs either from physical injury such as gum injury, teeth fracture, or blockage of the digestive system.

Mars Incorporated have recently filed a patent for an invention directed to a pet chew product and method of modulating the textural characteristics of pet chew products. The pet chew product is an edible pet chew configured for consumption by a pet, having a twisted body formed of edible material. The twisted body of the pet chew has enhanced textural characteristics in comparison to an untwisted body formed of the same material.

These textural characteristics were measured using their TA.HDi Texture Analyser. To read more on this, click here...


Scientist's fishy solution may improve frozen produce

Could the same protein that helps fish survive in freezing conditions make frozen fruits and vegetables taste better?

It's a strange question that one Auckland PhD student is answering with technology that could keep certain frozen foods from losing their texture and moisture.

Latest results of fish samples analysed using a TA.XTplus Texture Analyser based at Auckland University of Technology showed there was more than 50 per cent less moisture loss in the treated foods, as well as retention of nutritional properties.

Charles Kong, a doctoral scholar at the University of Auckland's School of Chemical Sciences, is exploring whether a naturally-derived anti-freeze could retain texture in foods that traditionally don't freeze well, such as kiwifruit, strawberries and cherries.

"Basically, we don't like frozen foods - they lose their juiciness, become mushy and have a bland taste," he said.

"But the season for the things we like to eat such as strawberries is very short, so my research is aimed at investigating how the anti-freeze protein interacts with food to improve it after freezing."

To read 'Scientist's fishy solution could improve frozen produce', please click here...

University of Auckland Science Faculty

Auckland University of Technology


Testing custom-built cheese for pizzas

KMC have recently discussed their use of the TA.XTplus Texture Analyser in

The functionality of their CheeseMaker ingredient in the end product (such as meltability and texture) is of great importance to the consumer.

KMC has developed a number of evaluation methods for their texture analyser to guarantee the selection of the best CheeseMaker product for each application. Meltability and shreddability are important parameters for imitation pizza cheese.

Texture analysis of block cheese is carried out by compressing small cubes of cheese with a cylinder probe and firmness, elasticity and cohesiveness are recorded. Pizza is a popular fast food item and cheese is an expensive ingredient on the pizza.

Making sure the textural expectations are met is very much a KMC priority!

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Applications of food texture and rheology

Applications of Food Texture & Rheology:
Department of Food & Nutritional Sciences,
University of Reading, October 17-19, 2016.

A three-day training course at Reading University funded under the BBSRC Food Advanced Training Partnership, this post-graduate course is targeted at developing and extending the academic and technical abilities of people working in the food industry and food research centres.

The course will provide an in-depth understanding of the principles and measurement of Food Texture and Rheology and its applications to food processing and the creation and design of new or improved food textures. The aim is to present leading-edge state of the art knowledge and practice on food texture and rheology measurements and methods of developing and controlling texture by the leading academic and industrial experts in the field, and to underline these with applied case studies presented by industrial speakers and practical sessions.

The Food ATP programmes are a new collection of postgraduate courses designed to fit around your working life, programmes encompass a combination of distance and face-to-face tuition and deliver highly inspirational, cutting edge material using the latest learning techniques to ensure skills are quickly embedded in your working environment.

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More recent posts from Texture Analysis Professionals

The Texture Analysis Professionals blog keeps you up to date with current texture analysis developments across industry and academia.

Keep up with the latest news, and find out how Stable Micro Systems helps you take your new product from the earliest stages to the finished item.

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A real mixed bag of posts for you this month, including the first of our new series looking at Noodle Quality testing...

Employing Texture Analysis in your Sports Nutrition Products (Summary and video)

Measuring Powder Flow – Garden Products & Animal Feed

Texture in Cosmetics – Texturity™?

Noodle quality testing: a range of texture analysis methods for a wide variety of noodle types

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This Month's Featured Post

Noodle Quality Testing

The world is getting smaller: widespread migration, increased travel and trade have taken a wide variety of foods across country and continent boundaries with some, such as noodles, gaining increasing acceptability outside their native lands.

Oriental noodles have been consumed for thousands of years and remain an important aspect in the diet of many Asians. Eaten hot and cold, noodles are used in soups, salads, stir fries and recipe dishes. They are manufactured in many shapes, widths and lengths. Whilst many are available worldwide in fresh and dried form, others noodle types are only found in Asian markets.


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