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Food applications Pharmaceutical applications Adhesive applications Cosmetic applications Powder flow analysis Volume measurement

How to speed through your sample testing

For texture analyser users who are looking for ways to increase their sample testing throughput and improve the convenience of probe attachment to their texture analyser, we now have two innovative options.

Users can now choose to have a converter fitted to their probes to allow for quick removal and replacement between tests.

A ‘magnetic’ coupling or ‘quick-twist’ attachment of the probe are available (in batches of 5). These quick probe removal and replacement options are the first of their kind in texture analysis and support the need for test procedures that have efficiency and/or convenience in mind.

Whilst a magnetic coupling might be the favoured attachment action it is not suited to the testing of samples that do not have a flat surface or samples that have an adhesive force measurement exceeding 1.5kg. The ‘quick-twist’ probe attachment is suited to all applications and load cells. These have Community Design Registration - proving our commitment to new innovation testing solutions.

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When it comes to chewing gum, sound matters Cargill chewing gum video

A major challenge facing food developers is how to accurately and objectively measure parameters such as mouthfeel or crunchiness.

Mouthfeel is a composite property related to a number of physical properties, and their relationship is complex. Describing crunchiness in an accurate, scientific value had proven difficult, but a new Cargill solution is challenging the status quo.

Watch the video and

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Request 'Novel confectionery products' article Novel confectionery products videoNovel confectionery products article

From fairytales and films to cordon bleu gastronomy and industrial food production, confectionery is found at the heart of Western culture.

This love of all things sweet has not been overlooked by the commercial confectionery industry, which manufactures millions of tonnes each year. Meeting market demand, however, isn’t easy.

Whether it is pillowy fondant, sticky caramel, gooey chocolate spread or juicier fruit candies, today’s consumers want it all, demanding products that deliver on taste and texture alike to enhance their eating experience.

Exciting new food textures will be among the emerging trends over the next three years, together with more "playful" products for adults and more widespread use of edible packaging, according to a leading food futurologist. 

According to the Candy Industry in 2014, 14% of global confectionery (chocolates and sugar confectionery) launches possessed a ‘texture’ claim such as soft, creamy, smooth, crunchy, chewy – the second highest penetration rate for texture claims of new products launched. Meanwhile a 2015 Innova study stated that texture is becoming a leading driver for taste perception in food, particularly sweets or candies.

Extra crunchy, super crispy – texture descriptions on new products have become more elaborate over the last couple of years along with the increasing use of superlatives to convey the “ultimate texture experience”. Finding the optimum texture analysis test methods to measure your newly designed confectionery product doesn't need to be a mystery.

If you would like to read a full length overview of the texture analysis possibilities, click here...

Alternatively, you can watch 'Creating Novel Confectionery Products' for a video summary of the options...

...or request our 'Creating Novel Confectionery Products' article.


Quality assessment of fish using a texture analyser

Fish is loved by consumers – it is unique, nutritious and well-balanced.

The 4 quality elements of food are texture, appearance, flavour and nutrition.

Compared with the meat of livestock, tissue of fish is more soft and delicate in its chemical composition.

With the development of people's living standards and of the food processing industry, texture has attracted more and more attention.

A recently published paper describes several texture parameters, analyses various factors affecting fish tissue texture especially the protein composition of fish muscle tissue from 3 aspects – physical factors, chemical factors and post-mortem changes – and mainly reviews the effects of different processing methods such as heating, freezing, salting and smoking on texture of fish meat.

The purpose of this paper is to provide a basis for the application of texture analysis in quality assessment and the development and production of instant products and meet the needs of consumers.

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Applications of food texture and rheology

Applications of Food Texture & Rheology:
Department of Food & Nutritional Sciences,
University of Reading, October 17-19, 2016.

A three-day training course at Reading University funded under the BBSRC Food Advanced Training Partnership, this post-graduate course is targeted at developing and extending the academic and technical abilities of people working in the food industry and food research centres.

The course will provide an in-depth understanding of the principles and measurement of Food Texture and Rheology and its applications to food processing and the creation and design of new or improved food textures. The aim is to present leading-edge state of the art knowledge and practice on food texture and rheology measurements and methods of developing and controlling texture by the leading academic and industrial experts in the field, and to underline these with applied case studies presented by industrial speakers and practical sessions.

The Food ATP programmes are a new collection of postgraduate courses designed to fit around your working life, programmes encompass a combination of distance and face-to-face tuition and deliver highly inspirational, cutting edge material using the latest learning techniques to ensure skills are quickly embedded in your working environment.

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Latest posts from Texture Analysis Professionals

The Texture Analysis Professionals blog keeps you up to date with current texture analysis developments across industry and academia.

Keep up with the latest news, and find out how Stable Micro Systems helps you take your new product from the earliest stages to the finished item.

Follow the blog regularly to keep abreast of the latest news in this fast-moving world.

We have rounded off our examinations of powder flow technology and the world of sauces, and are now presenting a new series on the use of texture analysis for testing sports nutrition products:

Texture Analysis in Sports Nutrition: Capsules offer an innovative dosage form

Texture Analysis in Sports Nutrition: Hydrating and maintaining hydration with hydrotabs

Texture Analysis in Sports Nutrition – Maximising workouts with flavoured energy gels

Texture Analysis in Sports Nutrition – Introduction

Measuring Powder Flow – Salt & Seasonings

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Don't forget the Texture Analysis in Action series, in which we present the whole range of standard Texture Analyser attachments. It features descriptive text, photos, sample output graphs, and other information including illustrative videos and a list of relevant published papers where applicable.

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Looking ahead, as and when new attachments become available, a detailed post will be added to the list.

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This Month's Featured Post

Maximising workouts with flavoured energy gels

It wasn’t long ago that runners and cyclists relied solely on water and isotonic drinks as their primary carbohydrate supplement during longer races.

Now our understanding of sports nutrition has improved to the point that we have a myriad of products to choose from, each designed to speed glycogen to the working muscles. 

Energy gels are the latest favourite source of carbohydrate for endurance events that provide energy for exercise and promote recovery. They come in small, single-serve plastic packets with a notch at the top, which can be peeled back to reveal an opening through which the gel can be quickly consumed.


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User News invites you to take part

In 2016, we would love to hear from you if you have any texture analysis news that might be of interest to our many thousands of users.

Whether it is an unusual product or a new approach to a procedure you have been carrying out for many years, why not get in touch and let us know what you are testing!

Please email us with your ideas.

Product testing videos

Our application area specific videos on Stable Micro Systems’ YouTube Channel are accessible from

Use the Video Channel > Texture Channel link from the left menu panel of our website to find the YouTube TextureAnalysis’s Channel screen.

If you click on the Videos by Industry option on the right of the page, you'll be able to view a selection of our videos, giving you some insight into how Texture Analysis can have a positive impact on your testing regime, and how Stable Micro Systems in particular can help you maintain the highest standards in both research and development and quality control.

Whether your speciality is adhesives, baked products, cosmetics, fruit and vegetables, meat, packaging or powders, we are confident that we can help you achieve better products.


Have you lost your manual?

All of our product manuals are available in .pdf format, free upon request to our users.

Please ensure that your e-mail account quota is not exceeded by the manual(s) you have requested, as this is the most common delivery failure.

To request any of these documents, please select your requirements on the Product Manual Request page of

User News invites you to take partUser News invites you to take part

Stable Micro Systems' 2016 Advanced Training Course is now open for booking!

The dates for 2016 are as follows:

Tuesday 7th – Thursday 9th June 2016

This special course for experienced Texture Analyser users will take place at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel in Guildford, Surrey.

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You can book your place today by emailing:

Our one day User Training Courses are designed for users wishing to obtain the maximum benefit from our texture analysis equipment and software.

The Training Course dates for 2016 are as follows:

• Wednesday 29th June 2016

• Wednesday 26th October 2016

Further course dates may be released according to demand and any such dates will appear in future newsletters – or check the Training page on our website.

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Then – book your place today by emailing:


Exhibitions and conferences

Our representatives will be available at each of these events.
Please visit us on our stand to discuss your texture analysis problems
and requirements – we will be only too pleased to help you!

The Texture Experts from Stable Micro Systems will be attending the following events over the next few months:

• InCosmetics external link
12 – 14 April 2016
Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

• 15th ICC Cereal and Bread Congress external link
17 – 21 April 2016
Istanbul, Turkey

• Analyticaexternal link
10 – 13 May 2016
Munich, Germany

• Baking Technology Conferenceexternal link
26 – 27 May 2016
Chipping Campden, UK

• Campden BRI Dayexternal link
8 June 2016
Chipping Campden, UK

• IFTexternal link
16 – 19 July
Chicago, USA

• CRSexternal link
17 – 20 July
Seattle, USA

• 18th IUFoST – World Congress of Food Science and Technologyexternal link
21 – 25 August
Dublin, Ireland

Software versions/updates

The software packages below are available for download from our website – in the Software Download section:

Exponent/Exponent Lite6.1.10.1

VolScan Profiler software –

You may also download our free Texture Analysis Screensaver
from this page.

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